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Basic Subscription Terms

No software to install.?Just a 30-day minimum term.
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  • 12-month (One-Year)?Agreements receive a 10% discount from $299.00 a month.
  • A subscription applies to one (1) state jurisdiction.??Contact us?for multi-jurisdictional pricing.
  • 1st month payable at sign up.? Monthly subscription fee is automatically charged to your credit card.
  • Pricing based on?number of staff that access the Platform. Three?staff members included within the $299.00 a month.?Each additional staff member is $50.00 a month.?No limit on the number of documents generated.
  • Each additional office requires a separate subscription.
  • A subscription is for a single jurisdiction.
  • Contact us for a quote for multiple offices in multiple jurisdictions.

$299/month (up to 3 staff members) + $50 per additional staff/month*.? Includes?Core Features?plus?Web-Enabled Document Automation?features listed below — includes:

  • Our full library of Rapidocs-automated documents for one jurisdiction plus:
  • A?set of Questionnaires that integrate with our On-Line Questionnaires in Adobe .PDF ?that you can print-out?and use with your off-line, in-store customers, plus:
  • An In-store implementation that you can use for creating documents for in-store customers who are not on the Internet.

Search Engine Optimized Web Site is an additional option.

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Core Features

Virtual platform